Catalyst Weekend

A relational weekend with staff and key ministry leaders exploring the current culture of your church and understanding the results of the “Unstuck Church” or CHAT survey. A revealing assessment process to discover your church’s current reality.  

  1. We would begin with a personal meeting with your church staff, council, and elders; to establish a customized revitalization plan for your church.  Our first meeting would include a brief overview of your church’s current vision, missional priorities, ministry programs, staff (paid personnel and volunteers), and organizational structures (management, admin, finance).  

  2. We would clarify two common methods used for church revitalization (the Prescriptive Method vs. the BCYD Revitalized Church Training) and contextualize these systems to suit the unique sub-culture of your church and community.  

  3. We would establish the most effective assessment tool, which would be used during the catalytic stage of revitalization. Most churches have used the CHAT (Church Health Assessment Tool) with the greatest amount of clarity and success.  

  4. A subsequent ‘catalyst weekend retreat’ would be arranged by Mark Lewis to create a more detailed and strategic plan for revitalization.    

Here is a sample of a Relational Weekend schedule:

Friday Evening.              - Meet with Pastor, staff and leadership team.
Saturday Morning.      - Staff and key leader interviews.
Saturday Afternoon.   - Review results of “Unstuck Church” survey with the Pastor.
Sunday Morning.          - Attend and assess Sunday morning experience. Parking lot to Pulpit.
Sunday Afternoon.      - Meet with Pastor and design unique and strategic Revitalization Plan.

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