To help a congregation more effectively engage and join God in His Mission for the Church.

At times, there are potential roadblocks to health that need to be uncovered and strategically addressed. In these situations, it may be increasingly difficult for church leaders to discern these roadblocks and to provide clear direction for moving forward.

The Revitalization Weekend is like a visit to the doctor. A good doctor conducts a systematic check up on our health when we’re sick, and then gives us a status report with their best prescriptions for what we need to get better.

This is exactly the heart of a Revitalization Weekend: diagnosis and prescription.

The Revitalization Weekend is designed to provide a neutral assessment as well as biblically sound recommendations to a local church to assist them in achieving greater Missional health.

If we are to become and remain strong healthy Missional communities, we must be courageous and determined to deal with church challenges in a manner that honours God, heals people, and reflects Christ to the community.

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