Resigning from a ministry position is one of the most stressful times anyone can face and there is a loneliness that accompanies this private time of contemplation. In order to determine the costs and benefits of resigning or of staying, prayerfully work through the following questions:

Personal / Internal considerations

  • Inwardly have I already left?
  • Has my desire to leave been building or is it a result of a recent event or recent conflict with an individual?
  • Would I be better to wait until a “cooling off” period is completed (e.g. one day, one week/whatever is prudent)?
  • What is my normal inclination in tough situations? (Fight or Fold)

Spiritual / Leadership considerations

  • How long have I been talking with God about this issue? What is He saying?
  • Am I free in this situation to pursue the essentials of my call to ministry?
  • Do my gifts/philosophy match the identity of the church or is there underlying tension?
  • Is my vision for ministry in this present situation fulfilled or can I see a greater day of ministry ahead if I persevere?
  • Who is influencing this decision to resign? What authority do they have?
  • Do I feel emotionally, spiritually, or physically drained? Is a Sabbatical an option?
  • Does this desire to resign fit into a pattern of when and how I have left churches previously? If so, am I at peace with that?

Relational / Accountability considerations

  • Who would be affected by this decision?
  • How is my family responding to the current church and the possibility of change?
  • What involvement should my family have in this decision?
  • What are the financial costs that would incure?
  • Who can I talk to that would give me an objective perspective?
  • May you find strength and direction to succeed in ministry.


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