Is your church ready for multiplication or should you pursue a revitalization strategy? Revitalization and multiplication are two sides of the same coin: the goal is the same (a flourishing church), but the strategies for accomplishing the goal are different. And don’t let size or location fool you: some large churches may be in need of revitalization and some smaller churches could be ready to multiply!

Every church that engages with a BCYD multiplication or revitalization consultation will take the Unstuck Church Assessment to determine where the church scores on the Life Cycle of a Church* continuum.

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Scoring in the green sections likely means your church is ready to pursue a multiplication strategy. A score in Preservation or Life Support indicate your church should consider a revitalization plan.

Scoring in the yellow section (Maintenance) means that we need to do more work to discern the best approach for your church. When we receive your church’s Unstuck Assessment, we’ll contact you to discuss further!

Unstuck Church Assessment


To take the Unstuck Assessment, follow these instructions:

1. Click the "Take The Assessment" button below

2. Click on Assess Your Church

3. Choose Leadership Assessment

4. Click Begin Assessment

5. Enter your Church’s Name

6. Under Church Location, choose Worldwide

7. Under Denomination, choose Assemblies of God (note: please do not choose Pentecostal)

8. Continue filling in the survey, which should take no more than 30 minutes


When you have completed the survey:

9. Enter your name and email address and create a password

10. Click on the "Invite" tab

11. Copy the unique URL (web address) in the grey box and paste it into an email, which you will send to your board, staff and key ministry leaders, asking them to complete the survey by a deadline of your choosing (5-7 days is typical)

12. After the deadline passes, login to view and download your report (which incorporates all the responses of those who completed the assessment) and email it to


Take the Assessment