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We serve the local church to help build the next generation of Church. NGM within the BCYD of the PAOC, serves as a relational network hub to strengthen and extend the next generation of local churches & credential holders through the power of the Holy Spirit, to reach the 1,200,000 BC & Yukon next gens for Christ. NGM serves local churches by offering high school campus initiatives, short-term mission expressions, and by sending youth apprentices to rural areas. 

Life After High School
Whats Next?

Choosing a major, passing organic chemistry, dealing with lunch lines, laughing late at night, and sitting in lecture halls filled with 400 other English 101 students; that’s college life and it’s one transition you cannot afford to get wrong. The decisions you make in these four years will have an impact on the rest of your life. While at school you will choose your vocation, possibly find a spouse, and make serious decisions about your values. This is big. But don’t worry, succeeding on campus doesn't have to be overwhelming.  Connecting with a good church and a campus ministry (like UCM and CCM) can greatly contribute to nourishing your spirit and emotions - which is key to success in life.

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Renegotiating Faith
The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What it Means for the Church in Canada


The report (a free download at and the action booklet (coming later this fall) are part of a series of resources being produced by a Young Adult Transition Research partnership that includes The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Power to Change–Students, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Youth For Christ and Truth Matters.

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