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BC Campus Ministries has changed its official name to University Christian Ministries! For decades at a provincial level, BC Campus Ministries has been our organization name under the PAOC BC & Yukon District Network. Our campus club names had various names bringing some confusion to our identity. Through it all, God continued to bless and expand campus ministries with all the micro-brands!

This past year we have been taking leaps and bounds in working together for God's glory. We decided to seize the moment to refresh our brand and refocus our vision as a team of campus missionaries in BC. Check out our new website at

One of our ministry values is “on campus hospitable community.” Here’s a testimony from Pierre Desjardins, Campus Missionary Apprentice at UBC Okanagan:

Two students in our ministry were baptized during our Good Friday service!  One of them comes from a Buddhist background and recently became a Christian in the last five months.  Convinced that life must have a purpose beyond what can be explained simply through her Biology courses, the student began attending UCM last December after being invited by her friend.  She is filled with curiosity and has been actively asking many questions about Jesus and the Christian life.  It has been such a blessing and encouragement to see the work that God has done in her heart, and to know that she will have a strong community to grow in her faith in the remaining three years of her degree!



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