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As more churches are having to move to digital services, we want to do all we can to help. This guide will help your church ramp up your digital ministry, digital services, and digital giving. Now is the time for us to serve people more than ever before!

Here is a resource guide encouraging churches to go live in low production environments and make their digital experiences very relational and converse with people. Give people time and permission to chat in the comments. Do acoustic sets that feels like the worship leader is with you in the living room. Have the pastor feel more like a small group leader. Provide a platform for conversation and prayer. Get rid of the production.

The church always adapts our worship to the cultural context and setting. We just need leaders to realize the platform just went through a major shift. Don’t just try and “do church” how you did it, but now online.

If this gets worse people won’t want to watch another show. Avoid just putting on a production. Go authentically live and minister to people. Provide a platform for connection. They’ll want that interaction.

The Secret to Effective Live Streaming

When it comes to live-streaming and digital ministry, the secret is not buying a specific piece of equipment or using a specific platform.   No, the secret to a good live stream is simply this:  it’s all about relationships.

The goal has to be a meaningful digital ministry, not “likes” or subscribers.  Make it all about your church getting to know people in your community, not the other way around.

This mindset shift frees you to focus on the quality of your relationship building, rather than the production value of your broadcast.

Access the Resource Guide here

Other available resources for online giving and small groups.