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I’d like to take a moment to share with you an exciting plan to help encourage, train and equip your church and ministries. I believe every church has “next level” potential! I want to help you  get there! The revitalized church plan helps reveal the current reality of your church, then, together we recalibrate your values and vision through a series of intentional coaching sessions, all on the journey to resource you with effective training and the proper tools to get you and your church on the pathway to missional effectiveness.

Our goal is to help your church develop the 5 Essential priorities for a healthy church:

  • To pursue and obey God passionately
  • To engage and maintain loving relationships
  • To develop and mobilize your people
  • To act with clear direction and outward focus
  • To reproduce and multiply His mission in other people and places.

I can hardly wait to meet you and help partner with you along this ministry journey. Connect for more details here.