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Prayer moves forward on the two legs of learning and doing. ‘Learning’ touches the left side of the brain while ‘doing’ is activated by the right side of the brain. We need to learn this precept and then practice it! It’s interesting to note that the disciples of Jesus didn’t ask the Lord how to pray but asked Him to teach them to do it (Luke 11:1). In Luke 18:1 He told them a parable that showed them that they should always pray and not give up. Prayer is more than just a theory, it’s an action word.

Here are some suggestions for how you might increase the practice of prayer:

  1. Have a predetermined time each day set aside for communion with God.
  2. Pray the Bible. Make the Scriptures your prayer as you read.
  3. Follow the ACTS formula – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.
  4. Establish a special focus for each day’s prayer. For example – Monday pray for the family, Tuesday pray for the government, Wednesday pray for your church, Thursday pray for missions, Friday pray for unsaved friends and acquaintances  . . . .
  5. Pray as you pass certain buildings and places. For example, as you pass a church, a school, a mosque, a government building...
  6. Pray as you drive ( but don’t get too distracted. I recommend that you not close your eyes in this situation)
  7. Pray in the moments that you have to wait. For example, at the doctor’s office, for the dinner to cook...or pray for your wife or husband. (You’ll both feel better if you do).
  8. Prayer Walks. Walk the neighbourhood praying for families as you pass their homes. If someone is in their front yard, you might want to say “Hello”, introduce yourself and ask them if they would like you to say a prayer for them.

When we pray – let’s use our whole brain!