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... Encountering God is important to you,

... You desire to see a generation encouraged + equipped to reach their generation for Christ,

... You know the importance of experiencing God afresh and anew everyday,

... You know healing, wholeness and unity can happen in our day, 

Then this lines up with my heart.

In fact, this is my heart for Historymaker. For teenagers + leaders to have a life altering encounter with the Living God so that they would be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to reach their friends for Christ. 

I believe faith IN action can be contagious, build momentum, and create a movement of young people who want to make Him known. Have you ever experienced this or seen this happen before? 

I have... 

I have seen it in a small little town in Creston where hundreds of teens experienced + heard of great message of the Gospel,

I have seen it in West Kelowna where a group of teens wanted to change their city and actually reach their city with the Gospel of Jesus,

I have also NOT seen it happen based on making things about "US", rather than "HIM" or "OTHERS".

When you read through the pages of scripture, revival is recorded; in the book of Daniel, he experienced 3 revivals; in the days of King David, he recognized the deep need for the presence of the LORD and there was renewal; with Jesus, His ministry on Earth changed Earth; throughout the book of Acts, the birth of the Church was realized; and throughout the world today, we have seen the Church experience revival (for example, the charismatic Church (ex.China), the modern worship movement, and missional living movement)

I believe revival can happen here too! For this happen – a generation in BC + the Yukon to encounter God and be equipped to reach their generation for Christ – needs to sown by leaders, like you and I. Here are some practical ways to prepare for revival:


Pray for God to move. HM is committed to asking God to do the impossible. I would encourage you to sign up to the 40 days of prayer for HM. Together, lets believe God to bring revival to BC + the Yukon. 


Develop a student HM team to help create ideas + ways to get their friends to HM. WHY? so that they can encounter God in a life-altering way. 

Create ways where teens can raise funds towards the weekend (get a budget template here + fundraising ideas here) so that finances won't be an issue.


Get teens to share their stories of revival (from HM). Also, give students opportunity to leader and minister at youth... this can become contagious. 


Do a HM promo element every week (on Sunday mornings + your youth nights). Here are some ideas:


Anticipating God to do something AMAZING amongst us takes time, work, and perseverance. Nothing in this world can even come close to what teens can experience in REVIVAL… and bringing REVIVAL home.

This is why Historymaker can be exciting in anticipation: 1) for teens who have  experienced personal revival at HM + are sharing their stories, and 2) if you, the leader, are excited to be at HM because of revival. 

I hope you have heard my heart today. If you want to know more, come out to the Historymaker Youth Pastor Social (click here for details).

Praying for you today...