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Summit’s School of Graduate Studies offers several programs that serve different educational needs in our fellowship and beyond. With the help of our new learning management system (Canvas), Summit is able to maintain a great learning experience both online and via video conference. Applying is easy and available at any time of the year.  Visit our website for more information.  

SPC School of Graduate Studies Programs:

  • Master of Arts in Youth Ministry (48 credits)
  • Certificate in Studies in Pentecostal Theology (15 credits)
  • Certificate in New Testament Studies (15 credits)
  • Certificate in Church and Non-Profit Leadership (15 credits)   

Upcoming Courses:  

Studies in Pentecostal Theology: Pentecostal Preaching in Post-Christian Culture (THEO 505)
With Dr. Mick Nelson
January 21 - 22 & February 18 - 19  

New Testament Studies (and Studies in Pentecostal Theology):
Contemporary and Pentecostal Approaches to Biblical Texts (BIBE 501)
With Dr. Riku Tuppurainen
March 1 - 4  

Church and Non-Profit Leadership:
Financial Management for Non-Profit Organizations (NPOL 512)
With Kory Sorensen
February 25; March 4, 11, 18 & 25  

Master of Arts in Youth Ministry: Any of the courses above can be tailored to be a part of the MA in Youth Ministry program.  

For more information about the programs, fees, and admission requirements, go to or email us