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This coming month, thousands of students are going to be stepping foot on our secular campuses in BC. This is often their first step into one of the most critical times in their lives-- the bridge between childhood and adulthood 

University Christian Ministries (UCM) will be casting nets wide in countless ways to invite students into a different university experience -- one which goes against the grain of secularism, selfish ambition, and self-gratification. We will be inviting them to taste the abundant life that only Jesus offers-- the rich and satisfying experience of being relationally and spiritually alive. 

We would love for you to participate with us during this critical time. How can you do this? 

1.   Be on the lookout for new university students in your churches this month. When you meet them, recognize that they are more open to new relationships now than at any other time during the year. Be friendly . . . and free food helps.

2.   If students in your church are going to university in BC, try to connect them with us. A mentor from a home church is a critical part of a student’s transition, mainly if that mentor follows up with the student to make sure they’ve connected with a campus community. To find our staff on particular campuses, check our website.

3.   Pray for your local college or university in your services this month. If there is a UCM group there, please pray for our staff and student leaders as they host welcome tables, BBQ's, hydration stations at parties, move-in days at residence halls, leadership retreats, prayer walks, bible studies, and countless coffee opportunities with new students. 

University Christian Ministries is on UBC, UBCO, UVIC, VIU, SFU, UFV, & BCIT. For more information, check us out at