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We are pleased to announce a few new pathways for study at Summit! 

BIBLE CERTIFICATE: Study the greatest book ever written! The one year Certificate in Bible is an introduction to Biblical studies which provides training in Scripture, Christian worldview, discipleship, and ministry.  

CHURCH MINISTRY CERTIFICATE: For those serving in Christian ministry with an emphasis on children and youth, take studies in education, communication, adolescent development and teaching—courses that will equip and enrich your ministry. 

The NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE is designed for those who want to serve in areas of institutional leadership. Study administrative leadership principles for work in non-profit organizations, churches, or global work contexts (10 undergraduate level courses in two semesters). 
The courses for these 3 certificates will be scheduled in the Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 semesters. 

The 10 credit certificate in Fundamentals of ELT  is an ideal preparatory path for ministry opportunities to those who want to learn English. [6 of the 10 credits are offered on campus at Summit beginning in Jan. 2019].

The Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Organizational Leadership is designed for those who have completed a BA degree [preferably with a major in NPOL or extensive work experience] and desire to serve in areas of institutional leadership and administration [local or domestic]. 
The 5 courses are offered in a modular format over the course of one year beginning in October 2018.

First Course: “Strategy & Principles for Leading NPO Organizations"
October 30 – November 3 [Tues. to Fri., 5 to 8 pm; Sat. 9 am to 4 pm].                           
Lecturer: Dr. Kirk Kauffeldt;          
Venue: Summit Pacific College.                                                     
Note: For students who are not able to attend the campus class, session participants will be facilitated.

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