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Elevate Conference exists to serve children, preteen and family ministry leaders by inspiring and encouraging them spiritually, equipping them practically and connecting them relationally so that they may strategically influence kids to expand God’s kingdom. Finally, at Elevate Conference we create an environment where each leader:

  • encounters the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit
  • feels valued and honoured
  • is better equipped to serve children and preteens
  • is challenged and resourced to look at ministry with a fresh perspective
  • has the opportunity to network, share their ideas and experiences with others
  • creates unforgettable memories

You are the mighty ones. The Old Testament tells us of David's "mighty men," his most trusted warriors who were sent on secret missions the king ascribed utmost importance to. God has called you to be His warriors, His special agents to take new frontiers, to win the hearts of children. In the New Testament, Jesus demonstrates for us that the mission of utmost importance to the King is winning the hearts of young ones. That is your mission. You the "The Mighty Ones" of the King.

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