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Good news is hard to find. Bad news sells more newspapers and increases television ratings. Hope, courage and optimism seem to be diminishing in our society all because people tend to feast on a steady diet of negativity. Broadcasters like Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity and Wendy Mesley convey reports of natural disaster, mass shootings, threats to world war and political scandals. In the midst of these perilous times, Christ-followers have been commissioned to proclaim the good news. The word gospel (or good news) occurs 76 times in the Bible and is used exclusively in the New Testament narrative. The word euaggelion is used in the original language and is from where we get our English words evangelist, evangel and evangelical. The good news can be interpreted as the whole narrative of creation, transgression and redemption; however, most evangelicals would focus on the good news of Christ’s incarnation, death, burial and resurrection.

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