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Vital Importance for Unincorporated and Incorporated

If you were at the recent General Conference in Victoria, you may remember the Conference approving amendments for the Local Church Constitution. In keeping with this, as you may know BC Legislation established regulations, where new Constitution and Bylaws documents were created for all churches and ministries that are Incorporated Societies. You might also remember that the District created new templates of these documents, to assist these churches and ministries. In this process, the Incorporated Constitution and Bylaws documents were drawn from the standard Local Church Constitution. Therefore, the amendments that have been established by the General Conference are applicable to both Incorporated and Unincorporated churches.

As a result, please click on the amendments box below, or copy the address in your search box, and present them as Resolutions at your next church members General Meeting (AGM or SGM) for adoption. Following the adoption, if your church is Incorporated, please register the amendments with BC Societies Online and then mail or fax both signed documents with Charities Directorate. If your church is Unincorporated, please mail or fax your new full 2018 LCC with Charities Directorate. Both steps of adopting and registering are vitally important for your church. During the recent BC Societies change, we realized that many churches and ministries had not registered amendments even as far back as 1939. The result, of not registering, is that no amendments would apply or protect your church in a court of law. In our day of decreasing morals, this would leave your church at great risk.
Following the registration, please email a pdf copy of your Constitution and Bylaws to

Constitution and Bylaw Amendments

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