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I recently finished a weekend speaking to iGen (or generation Z). I love speaking to the next generation because it keeps me sharp, real, and effective. Over the years, I have found that my communication styles have changed because, frankly put, culture changes. Besides, I don’t want to be a communicator that simply communicates; I want to be a communicator that connects.

Here are some practical ways to connect with iGen so that you will be able to communicate TRUTH to:

Keep the Skeptic in Mind
We live in a day and an age that is more skeptical than ever. Whatever you present to Gen Z, they can refute you by simply finding something on Google.

But this isn’t the goal. The goal is to CONNECT with the skeptic. For example, I practically use social sciences, cultural stories and popular songs to debunk culture and allow the GOSPEL to speak into those gaps that iGen is facing (for example, finding peace in the midst of mental illness).

Speak with Stories
Real. Stories. Win. Every time! What I mean about this is NOT just a story, but your story! Be real. Authentic. Redemptive. This will connect with iGen. Even more so, use stories from students in the crowd. Stories engage. Stories connect. Stories get people to “lean in” to God’s Story for this generation.

Speak interactively
Text questions, interactive response questions and small group conversations with open-ended questions all engage iGen. This is super important for a speaker because we live in a “dialogue” culture of processing information, not a “monologue” culture. How are you doing this?

What is more interesting, Jesus spoke through questions MORE than answering questions. Perhaps there is a good lesson here. Perhaps, Jesus is trying to teach about “connecting”, not just communicating.

Speak with Scripture
It doesn’t matter how smart you think you are, how engaging the crowd is (or isn’t), or how cool you are; nothing comes close to the power of speaking Scripture. Please! Be Biblical. Lead iGen to the Word. Let God Speak, because He is the one that changes lives, not you! Connect the next generation to the God of the Universe - they need HIM more than you...

Add to the convo! What other ways do you communicate TRUTH to iGen that connects? Add your thoughts to