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Its that time of year again, to consider applying for a Deduction at Source, relating to your 2017 Clergy Residence Deduction. By being approved for a Deduction at Source, you would receive a portion of or all of your Clergy Residence Deduction through monthly installments on your 2017 pay cheques. This option is available to you, or you may prefer to wait to receive it all at once when you file your income tax claim in the spring of 2018. If you would like to apply for a Deduction at Source for 2017, please remember to do so before October 31, 2016. To do so, please complete the following steps. You will need to fill out a T1223 with pro- posed 2017 income figures, which you will need to redo in in March 2018 with exact figures when filing your 2017 taxes. To apply for Deduction at Source, com- plete the following steps and have a signing Officer (typically the Lead Pastor, Board Treasurer, Board Secretary) form your church sign where needed.

  • Download and fill in the T1213 (used to apply for a 2017 Deduction at Source)

  • Download and fill in the T1223 (used to calculate your proposed 2017 income and

  • Obtain a copy of your Credentials (Ie. Ordination or License Minister certificate)

  • Obtain a copy of your Full Job Description, including a percentage breakdown of all your weekly hours
    (Ie. 40% sermon and preparation, 30% ministry events and preparation, 10 % leadership, 10% visitation, 10% administration, etc.)

    BC Societies

    If your church or ministry is a BC Society (about half of our churches are), I would like to remind you that you will need to transition your Constitution & By-Laws be- tween November 2016 and November 2018 to be in line with the new Societies Act. Our District Lawyers have worked the past few months on our behalf and are presently finalizing a full Constitution Transition Packetto make this transition easy and cost effective for you. This packet will be available over the next few weeks on our website (, and will be dis- cussed further at the reGroup Leadership Seminar coming to your area. This Packet will include step-by- step instructions, two optional Constitutions (one for Elected Board and one for Pastors Council), drafted Resolutions to be presented at your next Business Meeting, drafted BC Society transition forms, and draft- ed CRA transition forms prepared and ready for your use. Some churches may want to adopt the Constitu- tion as written, while others may want to contextualize it to better suit their situation. For the churches that have minimal or no changes, the transition will be able to take place at no further charge to the church.

For the churches that would like to make several or complex changes, the district lawyers would be available to assist at a reduced price of approximately $400 instead of the average price of $2500. Please keep in mind, that constitutionally your church will not be able to make changes without District approval, where to do so would breach your laws and potentially leave room for contesting of your documents. Our District Constitution Committee, in consultation with the district lawyers, will be more than ready to assist you in any way necessary over the next two years to make contextualizing easy for your church.