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Jason & Kelsey Eliason and Jeremiah Modino

When we were sent from Christian Life Assembly to plant Citizens Church in Surrey, we planted with a desire to be a church-planting church. We had no idea at all how we would do that, but we knew that what our nation needed was a movement of church multiplication and so we have never stopped talking about it since we started. We started praying that God would give us wisdom and lead us into the right relationships to take these next steps towards raising up and sending out more church planters and teams.

At the beginning of 2019, I started to spend some time with Jeremiah Modino. He was in the midst of some transition in his life, so our conversations focused around what the future might hold for him. This is where I started to hear about his desire to plant a church. The more we talked about this, I not only got the sense that he would likely make a great church planter, but also that our stories were going to somehow be woven together along the way. After some months of conversation, we started to dream about what it would look like to have Jer join our team at Citizens for a season so that we could give him a place to work out his call, get some experience and have us be part of sending him out.

All of that was fun to talk about, but as a church that was not even one year old, the logistics of finances were going to be a hurdle we needed to overcome. Thankfully, Len and the team in the District Office have a clear vision and strategy for church multiplication and have designated funds to help get church planting apprentices in the pipeline of our district. This grant is what made it possible for us to move forward in bringing Jer on our team. And what’s so great about this partnership is that it’s a win-win-win. It’s a win for Jeremiah because he has a place to work out his call and develop the necessary skills in a church planting environment. It’s a win for Citizens Church because we get a gifted and called member added to our team. And it’s a win for our district because we have the real hope of another life-giving church to be planted in the near future.