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AFTER every summer camp/retreat there is an awakening, a stirring, a calling to take home what God did. Camps and retreats are Biblical, practical, and life-giving… BUT it is also important to take home. Here are 5 SIMPLE ways to take home a retreat found in Acts 2:41-42:

41-42 That day about three thousand took him at his word, were baptized and were signed up. They committed themselves to the teaching of the apostles, the life together, the common meal, and the prayers.

  • DON’T forget what God did – It could be a healing, a new identity, new friends, and/or a renewed vision/purpose/calling. In the early church 3000 people were saved in one day. IN THE SAME WAY remember what He has done for you. I encourage you to write it in a journal or tell a trusted youth pastor/friend/ counsellor.
  • COMMIT yourself – this is IMPORTANT to commit yourself to the work of God in/through you. This would include MAKING time to be with Jesus – prayer, Bible reading, and applying God’s ways in your life. The early church committed themselves to hearing, listening, submitting, serving, applying, and following God… will you?
  • TEACHINGS of the leaders – the early church COMMITTED themselves to the teaching of their leaders. Encourage you to submit, learn, and apply the teachings from your youth pastor in the WORD. Why? Because they love you and are willing to give their whole lives to you. If you allow them to lead you they will lead you to have a life to the FULLEST.
  • DOING LIFE TOGETHER – Being a follower of Jesus is allowing yourself to be with those who love Jesus also. Your best friends CAN be found at a camp, retreat, youth ministry, youth pastor, small group. Why is this important? Because who are who you hangout with… and besides… you get to eat lots of food together!
  • PRAYER – over 75% of people in the world have admitted they pray. Prayer is important. It is the life-source of a relationship with God. Prayer is a two-way communication – bringing our thanksgiving, requests, and needs to God AND listening to the promptings of God for our lives. I LOVE the fact that our faith is NOT just for you and I but to bring faith to others. This happens through prayer.

I hope these thoughts encourage you to bring YOUR summer camp/retreat experience home.