We do this through… 

Leadership Development:

  • We serve over 800 volunteers + leaders through leadership forums, clinics, and seminars for children, youth, young adult workers and volunteers, and their families.
  • We offer discipleship resources and programs designed to build disciples through short-term mission opportunities through the BC/Yukon, Canada, and the world.
  • We desire to offer transitional strategies for preteens going into middle schools, youth to university, and university students into the marketplace.
  • We offer training for lead pastors towards contemporary cultural issues.

Leadership Health:

  • We desire to have all volunteer, part-time, and full-time youth workers and pastors to be a part of a regional Next Generation cluster throughout BC and the Yukon. Click here for all the details.
  • We offer one-on-one relational and intentional mentoring for personal and vocational realities. Please connect with our staff. They are there to serve you.
  • We are committed to offering opportunities for all youth workers to find rest, renewal, and rejuvenation in ministry and life through an annual leaders retreat. Click here for details.
  • We offer professional counselling and coaching for all PAOC credential holders. 
    For details, please connect here.


  • Our desire is to have a next generation of Church “ministry” in every community and context in BC and the Yukon by raising up NGM missionaries. 
  • To develop contextualized NGM resources to help growth initiatives in rural and suburban realities. 
  • Apprenticeship opportunities with NGM for hands-on training, mentorship, and opportunities to raise up the next generation of local church leaders.

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