In the BC & Yukon District Network, we are blessed with a number of institutional and community Chaplains who serve in a variety of capacities. From ministering to students and staff in a Christian School to Seniors’ homes and palliative care, to being present with hurting people through community programs, to serving in hospitals and correctional centres we are able to have a significant part in meeting people in the midst of their deepest and most pressing need.

Chaplains are truly on the ‘front lines’ of ministry opportunities, not just presenting the love of God, but living it out incarnationally in real, practical, meaningful ways. Real ministry in ‘real time’.

What can I do?
Pray with and for us as we minister not only to needy patients, students, residents and inmates, but also especially as we work with the staff of our institutions who must function in what are often very difficult and stressful circumstances, and who also need to know the love of the Father.

Adopt-a-Chaplain! Because of the unique nature of our work, Chaplains often feel somewhat disconnected and isolated. Why not consider having your church ‘adopt’ one of our chaplains for a year (or more) and commit to praying for and blessing their ministry.

Get involved…The strength of most Chaplaincy programs is in our volunteers. If you know of a Chaplain in your area, you might want to consider coming alongside them in their work. This really is a tremendous opportunity for you and/or other members of your church to reach out to your community with the love of God.

Be Available…Very few offenders remain ‘inmates’ forever. They return to live in communities in every corner of the province. Upon release, these people are perhaps at their greatest need for support and ministry. A perfect opportunity to have effective involvement in someone’s life and future.

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