Ministry Leader

Harold Gutierrez

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Our History
“Canada is a highly diverse multicultural nation. In 2000, people groups from 204 political entities (nations) in the world arrived to make Canada their new home.” (Murray Moerman-Pressing on the Goal). Our District (especially in the lower mainland) has a wonderful mosaic of the ethnic diversity from all over the world. Many of these people come from cultures and worldviews where the gospel has been little known and many hold strong “absolutes” in terms of beliefs and values with some in direct opposition to the Gospel.

Our Mandate 
We are challenged by the Great Commission, to go and make disciples of all nations. The Ethnic Ministries exists to reach non-believing multi-cultural people groups and to connect them with our existing churches, teaching them as they grow in faith, and to challenge them to discover their gifts and honour God with their lives.

The Executive Director of Missions and Church Development, under the direction and guidance of the district executive / district officers, seeks to develop relationship and functioning models to help Canadian congregations work with existing congregations and to promote strong relationship/coordination with the district.

Program Purpose

1. To coordinate and challenge existing churches to evangelize especially those within their own people groups
2. To encourage existing churches to partner and promote church planting
3. To provide materials to help a local church plant succeed
4. To strategize the areas that need to be planted
5. To recruit/train potential church planters
ie. Healing / Evangelistic services, Church Planters’ Training/coaching

Training & Leadership Development:

1. To train and equip leaders for effective outreach and church leadership
2. To encourage potential leaders to study at Summit Pacific College and any of the off-campus extension classes and accredited seminaries
3. To provide tools and resources for church leaders to expand effective ministries
4. To conduct pastors and board retreats allowing for time to focus on the vision and ministry of the local church.
ie. Anointed Peoples College Foundation, Seminars, Retreats

Worship & Fellowship:

1. To actively stimulate awareness and interaction between cultural / language groups
2. To bring a closer relationship and partnership between churches
3. To come and worship together and have fellowship
– International Nights, Arise & Shine, Camps
– “No Boundaries” – gathering of Youth and Young Adults