reGroup Fall 2019

Join us for reGroup - regional Church Leadership Seminars (formerly known as Pastor/Board Retreats) to provide leadership training for pastors, deacons, church administrators, lay-leaders, team leaders, youth/young adult pastor, children and preteen pastors and other key volunteers within the local church setting.

General Sessions and specialized elective sessions will be facilitated that address specific issues relating to church leadership, multiplication, revitalization, care, and governance.

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please note that accommodation costs are not included as part of the registration cost.  

November 1-2, 2019
Lower Mainland >> Click here to register.
 >>Hotel: Coast Hotel Langley.  Call Coast reservations directly (1-800-716-6199) and quote our corporate code: PAOC. Rates are based on availability

    **Accommodation costs are not included as part of the registration cost **



  6:00pm  Registration Opens
  6:45pm  Main Session I
  8:00pm  Elective Session I (five electives to choose from)
  9:15pm  Intercessory Prayer


  8:00am  Welcome coffee
  8:45am  Devotional & prayer
  9:00am  Elective Session II (five electives to choose from)
10:30am  Main Session II
12:45pm  Lunch (sandwiches* on-site) 
*Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate any food allergies/restrictions. Please plan accordingly.
  1:30pm  Elective Session III (five electives to choose from)
  3:00pm  Main Session III

(Schedule & electives may change without notice)

Will there be childcare?

Due to the long nature of this event and in order to help you get the most out of the event, we recommend organizing your own childcare prior to arriving.


Elective 1 - Friday Evening

1.   Infobesity: Finding Purpose in an Informational Overload Culture | Andy Gabruch

Culture, relationships, work, and how we communicate has changed because of the digital age. The phenomenon of the online world is here to stay. It isn’t a fad. This seminar is about how to help local churches engage with culture through technology, develop digital discipleship streams, and create purpose for a culture that is over-saturated by the information world.  

2.   Policy Workshop | Darwin Pichette 

With the rapidly-shifting moralities and workplace standards, it’s the biggest question today – “Do you have a Policy for THAT?”. Take this one-hour practical workshop to put together your Policy Manual that works; for administrators, board members and pastors. Bring your mobile device and pen!  

3.   Seven Lethal Mistakes Leaders Make | Ken Russell 

Christian leaders may encounter a serious compromise in their ethics if they emulate some corporate leadership techniques over Christ-like shepherding. It’s easy to fall into a trap of ruthless leadership if a person lacks self-awareness or avoids honest feedback.  This workshop examines seven dangerous leadership practices that must be avoided in the local church.  

4.   Rhythm & Pace: How To Do Ministry and Have a Life | Len DenBraber 

Serving in a church should lead to a fulfilling life, not an overwhelming life. Yet volunteers and pastors alike often neglect their health, their families and their souls while trying to serve the church – and burn out or give up in the process. With the right approach, loving Jesus, serving the church, enjoying your family while having a life is possible. This session will discuss healthy rhythms and pace that will enable you to do ministry for the long haul without ruining your health, your relationships or your faith.  

5.   Practical Tools and Resources For The Church | Devan Sylvester & Phil Spoelstra 

The church doesn’t have a message problem. The church has a message delivery problem. This session will help explore the new reality of the biggest communication shift in 500 years and resources for what attendance, engagement, and attention look like for the church. Learn specific tools to rethink and rework ministry needs, announcements, social media, first impressions, and other common challenges churches face. It’s time to rethink communication for the church.

Elective 2 - Saturday Morning

1.   Beating the Birds: How to be a Modern-Day Rizpah to Generation Z | Andy Gabruch

The research of overwhelmingly clear how important the family is to develop the next generation of followers in Christ. This seminar is about hot to beat off the birds of selfishness, loneliness, and mental illness by being the family of God to Generation Z. We will also be discussing HOW to develop discipleship streams that work and contextualized resources for your local church to be the family of God.  

2.   Unwelcome - Re-Shaping Our Guest Experience | Cynthia Oldendorf & Darwin Pichette 

The decision for a first-time guest to go to church can be a scary one.  We'll help you break away from the Febreeze commercial to identify how you may have become nose-blind: when’s the last time you paid attention to the little details?  Have you built a team based on people’s strengths, or are you simply filling needed positions with anyone available?  What we do to make them feel welcomed, or unwelcomed, can be one of the greatest influences on whether they return.   

3.   Bio-Ethical Christian Leadership | Ken Russell

Canada is a post-Christian society, in which the majority of our population has become cynical, skeptical and even hostile toward Biblical values.  Christian leaders must be prepared to provide a Biblical response (apologetic) for controversial issues like: assisted dying, abortion, reproductive surrogacy, legalization of hallucinogenics, gender reassignment, homosexuality, and same-sex marriages.  

4.   Fruitfulness > Faithfulness.  A Thought-Provoking Discussion on Church Revitalization | Phil Spoelstra

The state of health in our churches today is a reflection of the way that we’ve been leading them.  While we’ve been faithful in doing the work of the ministry, but have very little spiritual fruit to show for it.  How will you change your leadership style in response to this reality?  

5.   Multiply! Check Your Church Growth Engine | Len DenBraber 

Most pastors and leaders believe their church should grow, but many churches have plateaued or are in decline. So, what are the “secrets” that drive growth in thriving churches? The sad truth is, many churches are driving with the “check engine” light on but don’t know what needs to be evaluated to help their church reach more people for Jesus. This session will identify 6 systems that every church needs to function together to increase gospel impact – and will offer some suggestions to “tune up” your church’s engine.

 Elective 3 - Saturday Afternoon

1.   Naked Truth: Real Talk about Christ, Culture, and Sexuality | Andy Gabruch

This seminar is about exploring the leadership, civil, and discipleship responses towards sexuality in our culture today. We will explore in Scripture to find clarity about sexuality, identity, and how-to bring hope + healing in Christ in your local church context.  

2.   Emotionally Healthy Leadership | Ken Russell

How can we cultivate transformative discipleship models that are sustainable within the realities of life and ministry? We will address this question by looking at our own self-leadership through the lens of Peter Scazzero’s books, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and The Emotionally Healthy Leader.  

3.   Expert eAdmin! | Darwin Pichette

How can I make this job easier? Join this one-hour hub to test-drive some of today’s best financial and database suites, as well as online programs, that are designed to make the life of a Canadian administrator easier. Bring your mobile device and pen!  

4.   How to lead When You’re Not in Charge | Len DenBraber

Leadership isn’t reserved exclusively for the person at the top of organizational chart or for the person who is perceived to be the boss. In fact, if you’re attending reGROUP you’re probably leading … but likely not “in charge.” This session is for volunteer leaders, staff pastors and anyone who is called to lead, but isn’t the person in charge. We’ll endeavour to answer questions like, “How do you lead when you’re not the primary decision-maker?” and “How do you leverage your influence when you lack authority?” If you want to improve your leadership without staging a mutiny, this session is for you!  

5.   Make Worship Great Again | Phil Spoelstra (Devan Sylvester at Prince George)

No one disagrees about the value and power of worship ministry … theoretically.  In reality, we all face numerous obstacles to leading an anointed, life-changing worship service.  Discover practical ways to infuse more joy into leading worship and find out how to raise your congregation’s level of participation and engagement too.

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