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Skype (or Facetime) as a viable option for counselling:

Skype (or Face Time) for counselling has proven to be a very effective way of receiving the help one needs for the various issues they or their family members are living with. Two reasons why using this approach might be beneficial to pastors and their families in the BCYD District:

  1. Busy ministry schedules do not always work well with trying to meet with Counsellors at their office on their schedule. Skype sessions allow for flexible scheduling within a busy ministry schedule.
  2. Lack of District Approved Counsellors in a number of the sections within the BCYD District. Skype sessions provide opportunities for pastors and their families in remote areas to receive the help they need without traveling great distances to do so.

To find a District Approved Counsellor who provides Skype or Face Time sessions, simply look through our list of Approved Counsellors on the District website.  A “Skype” notice will be listed under their phone number.