Policy Downloads

“Do you have a policy MANUAL for that”?

- with today’s every changing legal and personal-rights world, it’s today’s largest question.

To assist your church in creating both church and personnel policy manuals, click on the Policy Downloads box above and open the latest template links displayed. Feel free to download (File - Save File As) this template and amend it as needed. These are not official PAOC versions, but simply a collection of policies offered by some churches. However, this creates a great place for you to start. One the Title Page, please insert the name of your Church and any possible logo you might have. Modify the Table of Contents if you have made inserted new or deleted template sections. It would be vital for your Church Board to work with your pastoral leadership to review and amend as needed and then approve in their minutes. It is highly recommended that the Church Board would seek legal counsel regarding their final version, to ensure optimum coverage in our ever-changing world.

Additionally, to assist you with any further additions or revisions, click on the Policy Downloads box above and open the appropriate folder here below. Here you will find links for every section of the relevant policy manual, including the date in which any revisions have been made. After you implement your full policy document(s), as described in the paragraph above, please continue to visit these folders to find additions and revisions, which you would be able to either copy-and-paste into or drag-and-drop into your previously implemented full policy document(s). As accomplished in the paragraph above, the Board must approve all additions and revisions, as well as obtain legal counsel.