By equipping your team with effective and customized policies, procedures, and training, our goal is to make your community a safe one.

Whether you represent a camp, school, daycare, club, retirement facility, church, or any other organization that works with the vulnerable sector, Plan to Protect® can help you to protect your community.

Plan to Protect® services provides customized policies and procedures, risk assessment, strategic planning, fast-tracked criminal record checks, community support, training, and much more! We are ready to help you to reach your goal of creating a safe community, regardless of the size of your organization.

Not only can Plan to Protect® help you keep up to date with the standards in abuse prevention, but our support community is a constantly growing database of resources, information, and ongoing learning. Click Here to learn more about membership programs.

Available for purchase through the PAOC International Office order desk
To order call 905.542.7400 ex. 3223 or email
For more information and to order, visit here

NOTE: Due to copyright and licensing, no part of the Plan to Protect® manual may be posted to the internet or provided as downloads at any time and manuals must not be reproduced for use or sharing outside of the local church who has purchased the manual.


  1. Plan to Protect® provides the Highest Standard of abuse prevention.
  2. Many insurance companies recommend that organizations use the services of Plan to Protect® to meet compliance regulations for abuse prevention.
  3. Plan to Protect® training and materials are updated regularly as we continue to do research.
  4. Plan to Protect® has training modules that prepare leaders for a wide variety of topics ranging from cyberbullying prevention to global youth trips to volunteer care, and much more.
  5. Between on-line and on-site training, Plan to Protect® can meet your organization’s unique learning needs.

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