Cluster Network

Clusters are our primary care and development communities within our District. If you are on our team we invite you to join, start or lead an existing cluster within your affinity group – ie – kids, youth, young adults etc…

Cluster meetings are composed of:
a. Spiritual connection – a time of prayer for each other, the ministries represented and the region
b. Learning connection – a time where there is some stimulus of the mind! Training on leadership, lectio divina or other resources.
c. Community connection – building relationships that sustain each other. Great ministry comes out of great relationships.  Essentially the cluster is a group of leaders from within your region or affinity group. 

Clusters led by Ken Russell


Clusters led by Len DenBraber

150+ Prince George
Lead Campus Pastor
Solo Pastors | Prince George
Urban Ministry
Church Planter

Clusters led by Phil Spoelstra

Associate Pastors
Solo Pastors | Van Island
Solo Pastors | Kootenay
Urban Ministry
Church Planter

Clusters led by Andy Gabruch

Youth Pastors
Young Adult Pastors

Clusters led by Rachel McAlister

Children and Family Ministry Pastors

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