Cross Cultural Outreach Society

Ministry Leader

Edgar Lapeciros

Our Mandate

To support, encourage and help immigrants and refugees develop healthy emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical habits within their new community; special emphasis being on those who are marginalized or disadvantaged by society.
To establish, maintain and facilitate training centres where new immigrants and refugees can meet and receive healthy guidance and encouragement in a safe environment.
To conduct public or private meetings with educational and/or social emphasis.

Our History

Many new immigrants have experienced a lot of difficulties in their adjustment to Canadian society. The Cross Cultural outreach society was established as an expansion of the German Branch of PAOC, BC & Yukon District.

The vision of the German society was similar and their functions were closely related. The German branch targeted mainly the incoming German and Scandinavian immigrants here in BC and their outreach was limited to them. They helped this community of settlers reach their goals and helped them settle in BC. Now, with the change in our demographics and the unique problems that come with the influx of immigrants from all over the world, we recognize the need to expand the original mandate of the German branch. CCOS has taken over the charitable status and has carried on with a greater vision of reaching out to ALL NATIONS, not just for Germans.

CCOS will serve as a network hub in providing basic services to new immigrants. The centre is designed to assist new immigrants in their pursuit to assimilate and integrate into Canadian Society through two ways:

  • Use of practical and technical ways to educate and train newcomers for the job market enabling them to better their living conditions.
  • Create social solutions by training and educating newcomers on moral, spiritual values to help them become productive citizens of Canada.

This will be accomplished through different departments of CCOS.

The practical side of this ministry enables newcomers to access information, gives them help with their resume preparation, job search, life skills training, preparation for driving lessons, housing applications, and obtaining medical and other health benefits. We will also provide assistance in obtaining accreditation in the vocation or profession they practiced in their country of origin.

The social solution includes moral values, inculcation, parenting classes, counseling and faith-based education.

Our Board Members

Rev. Dr. Edgar Lapeciros – President
Rev. James Raman – Vice President
Dalilah Lopez – Secretary/Treasurer
Yinka Tokode – Director
Rev. Ken Russell – Ex Office Member 
Dave and Marlene Evangelista – Project Directors


For any inquiries about CCOS, please contact James Raman