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Marg Foreman


At least 275 workers serve in 52 countries, spanning Africa, Eurasia, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Nineteen per cent of our workers serve in Restricted Access nations or in places closed to the open preaching of the gospel. Another 18 per cent work in the 10/40 window.

The 10/40 Window is the area of our globe that spans from 10 degrees to 40 degrees North of the equator. The region stretches from North Africa across to China and is home to the largest population of non-Christians in the world.

Priority is given to the 1.5 billion who have never heard the good news, to the poor and marginalized—particularly children—and to multiplying our impact through the training of national leaders. More than 3,000 students in affiliated Bible colleges and 15,000 students in extension programs are being trained to be the next generation of leaders that will make a lasting impact on their nations.

Through ERDO, our humanitarian arm, more than 15 ministry centres with children’s homes provide refuge for young lives. Over 6,000 children are sponsored, and there are water well projects in six countries. Millions of people in crisis are fed and cared for.

We would be pleased to connect you with PAOC missionaries from a particular region or country. They will make themselves available to come to your church and share their vision for advancing the kingdom of God. As we work together, we can reach the entire world for Christ.

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Our Vision:
We exist to facilitate, challenge and strengthen the missionary passion of the local church, so as to disciple all nations.

Our Mission:
In order to implement this Vision we shall, in conjunction with the National Promotions and Communications Department and the Western Canadian Mission’s Representative, do this by:

1. Assisting global workers

We shall:

  • Assist global workers with email/mailing addresses, etc to update their contacts
  • Assist churches with contact information of global workers upon request to give them opportunity to welcome a global worker in their church
  • Assist global workers to organize itineration by supplying contact info, etc
  • Maintain an administrative centre that will receive and respond to the request of local churches

2. Challenging churches to regularly support PAOC global workers

We shall:

  • Encourage them to start setting faith goals for missions
  • Seek to address and relay concerns that inhibit giving to missions

3. Coordinating distribution, as needed, of global worker information to various churches and donors

We shall:

  • Through email and other sources collect and distribute information through the district instrument
  • arrange for the printing of information and promotional materials for itinerating global workers

4. Providing pastoral care for furloughed global workers

We shall:

  • Make sure that they are able to attend conferences and seminars
  • provide a list of counseling resources if deeper issues need to be addressed

5. Maintaining a list of mission’s speakers that can supplement global workers on furlough

We shall:

  • Network with churches that have sent teams overseas in order to facilitate the possibility of sharing in other churches
  • Maintain a list of pastors with missions experience and retired global workers who can share effectively the cause of missions
  • We are firm in our conviction that the best missions days of the PAOC are yet to be experienced
  • With the Lord’s help and his people’s partnership, we look forward to the days ahead

We also assist groups or individuals to get involved with humanitarian efforts. ERDO or Emergency Relief and Development Overseas is the PAOC’s arm of relief ministry. At any one time we are involved in over 35 different countries around the world. This is through ChildCare Plus ministry to children, the shipping of containers to disaster areas, and the planting of crops through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. These crops are matched 4 to 1 through the Canadian International Development Agency.


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