Ministry Investors Group

Ministry Investors Group

What is the Ministry Investors Group?
The Ministry Investors Group (formerly known as the Minutemen/Women Program), assists smaller and pioneer assemblies with the purchase of property and the construction or renovation of church buildings. It is a creative plan that allows us the privilege of investing in and having a share in God’s work in many communities without actually living there.

How Does it Work?
As a donor, you will receive up to 3 appeals a year, each time with an explanation of the need. In response, we are suggesting to send a donation of $10 or more. This amount does not purchase much today, but put together, these gifts achieve major positive results.
Please consider joining today. Investing in God’s work on earth pays eternal dividends.

Projects are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Applications are correctly filled out and received by the assigned date.
  • Churches/Leaders requesting assistance are willing to promote the project to their local congregation.
  • Churches/ministries requesting assistance have shown adequate tenacity in fundraising for the project.
  • The project meets the program requirements as outlined in the application form
  • Click here for more information and for donation options.

Our summer project is to assist Lakelse Pentecostal Camp, near Terrace, BC, in their grounds prepare for various summer camps, as well as retreats and other events throughout the year. The camp recently had to replace the power poles on their property as the old ones were decayed from rot. This is our opportunity to come together to help offset this cost. Click here to see the current appeal.

You can also give by sending a texting “Give ($ Amount)” to: 604-757-2609 or giving online here

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